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Lighting Tower | Lighting the Way to a Sustainable Future

16 August 2023

In construction sites and civil works, the quest for sustainable energy sources is not just a fleeting trend but an imperative. As the sun sets, every construction site, emergency area, or event location seeks solutions to illuminate the darkness, ensuring visibility, safety, and continuity of operations—step in, the lighting towers. With increasing awareness, solar and hybrid light towers are becoming the shining stars among mobile lighting towers in sectors across Australia.


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What are Solar Light Towers?

As the industry and name suggest, solar light towers are powered by light, predominantly by the sun. They consist of solar panels, batteries, and lighting fixtures, all integrated into one streamlined system. These panels absorb sunlight, converting it into energy stored in batteries, which then powers the LED lighting fixtures and light tower, offering brilliant light coverage.

But what sets them apart? Their environmental advantages are second to none. Solar light towers boast zero emissions, positioning them at the forefront of eco-friendly lighting solutions. Over time, these light towers promise cost savings, offsetting their initial investment. Lastly, the reliability of such lighting systems, given the consistency and reliable amount of solar energy in locations like Australia, is commendable.


What are Hybrid Light Towers?

Enter the V20 PRO HYPER – the industry’s first next-generation solution in lighting solutions. These light towers combine traditional generator-led lighting systems integrated with batteries. The sun’s power is complemented by a backup generator, offering extended operational hours.

The benefits? Hybrid lighting towers, like the V20 PRO HYPER, offer unparalleled flexibility. Their range can suit any job, industry or location, ensuring that operations don’t halt even when sunlight diminishes. They bridge the gap between traditional fossil fuel-reliant lighting systems and fully renewable power sources.


Key Differences between Solar and Hybrid Light Towers

At the heart of the discussion are energy source, range, and sustainability. While solar towers are powered solely by the sun, hybrids like the V20 PRO HYPER leverage generator power. This dual-power approach extends their full range and operational hours, ensuring they operate efficiently during prolonged cloudy periods.

However, regarding maintenance, the hybrid models might require slightly more attention due to their generator components. On the flip side, the initial investment in solar systems, such as the VT SOLAR, might be higher but promises reduced long-term costs.


Advantages and Drawbacks

The VT SOLAR stands as a testament to what the future holds – it’s eco-friendly, boasts reduced operational costs over time, and requires minimal maintenance. However, its reliance on sunlight can sometimes limit its operating hours.

On the other hand, the V20 PRO HYPER offers flexibility in spades. Its main selling points are its extended range of operational hours and unmatched reliability. However, they still hinge partially on fossil fuels, which can be a concern for the environmentally conscious.


Real-world Applications and Case Studies

From NSW mining sites to downtown Australia’s construction zones, solar light towers have proven invaluable in areas with consistent sunlight, drastically reducing fuel and power consumption. Yet, in scenarios where operations span days without significant sunlight, hybrid buildings, backed by their generators, emerge as the more suitable solution.


The Future of Light Towers

The march towards sustainable energy is inexorable. As innovations unfurl, battery storage may improve, and solar panels become even more efficient. While solar systems like the VT SOLAR are paving the way today, hybrids like the V20 PRO HYPER ensure a smooth transition, hinting at a future where even combinations go entirely green.



As we’ve traversed the luminous journey of lighting towers, from the sun-powered VT SOLAR to the adaptable V20 PRO HYPER, one thing remains clear – the lighting and light tower future is bright and sustainable. As we venture deeper into the era of sustainable solutions-led lighting everywhere, which light tower do you see leading the way?

If you or someone you know is seeking sustainable lighting equipment and solutions perfect for any job or location, whether for sale or support, don’t hesitate to contact and support us. Please share this article; let’s illuminate more minds with the power of choice and the promise of a sustainable future.

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16 August 2023