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V20 PRO Hyper road trailer (lowered)

V2o Pro Hyper

The V20 PRO HYPER is equipped with a hybrid powering system. The extreme compactness and the new special features make this model ideal to be used during events or areas with low noise or carbon dioxide emission requirements.

The V20 PRO HYPER is not just a new lighting tower, but the real and only “ALL IN ONE” product!

It embodies all the innovations and new technologies that Generac Mobile® has developed in over 20 years at the top of the industry.

Boasting high-efficiency LED floodlights designed by Generac Mobile, placed on special brackets to allow pointing in every direction.

The PRO Technology allows to include three different power systems in only one model: 100% Electric (battery), Hybrid (battery + back-up generator) and Generator only. Just select the preferred mode with the Power System switch and it’s done!

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