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PowerJet Dust Fighter: Transform Your Worksite with Unrivalled Dust Control, Boost Productivity, and Safeguard Your Team's Health and Happiness!

About this product:

  • HEALTHIER WORKFORCE, HAPPIER WORKSITE – The PowerJet Dust Fighter minimises respiratory problems and boosts worker morale and productivity. A dust-free environment leads to healthier, happier workers who will thank you for prioritising their well-being.
  • MAXIMISE EFFICIENCY, MINIMISE DOWNTIME – The adjustable spray nozzle arm on the PowerJet ensures precise dust control, allowing your team to work seamlessly without interruptions. Experience increased productivity and efficiency by keeping dust-related delays at bay.
  • UNPARALLELED MOBILITY, UNMATCHED CONVENIENCE – The PowerJet’s built-in engine and wheels guarantee effortless transportation, enabling you to reposition the system as needed rapidly. Its adaptability ensures dust control even in hard-to-reach areas, making your work site cleaner and safer.
  • CUSTOMISATION FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS – The user-friendly manual rotation and tilting features of the PowerJet allow you to tailor the system to your site’s unique requirements. Experience optimal dust control tailored to your needs, ensuring worker satisfaction and a well-maintained work environment.
  • INVEST IN A SAFER FUTURE NOW – Embrace the PowerJet Dust Fighter’s multitude of benefits and safeguard your team’s health and safety. Experience the difference a dust-free work site can make in productivity, efficiency, and worker happiness. Contact us today and unlock a cleaner, healthier future for your business!


  • Max. horizontal range (without wind): 30 m
  • Water connections available: UNI 45 / STORZ / CAMLOCK
  • Max. inlet pressure allowed: 6 bar
  • Water consumption (min. / max.): 44 / 50 l/min
  • Water inlet filter: 170 μm
  • Rotation angle: 90°
  • Tilting angle (min. / max.): +0° / +40°
  • Diesel engine: Yanmar L100N V6 (Stage V)
  • Cylinder(s): 1
  • Engine cooling: Air
  • Engine speed (min. / max.): 2900 / 3100 RPM
  • Fuel tank: 5.4 litres
  • Running time (at 2900 RPM): 3 h
  • Avg. noise pressure level: 87 dB(A) @ 7 m
  • Transport dimensions (L x W x H): 1291 x 990 x 1072 mm
  • Work dimensions (L x W x H): 1605 x 990 x 1563 mm
  • Dry weight: 210 Kg

Product description

Imagine a construction site where your team can work without the constant struggle of airborne dust, where the risk of respiratory problems is minimised, and productivity soars. With the PowerJet Dust Fighter, you can realise this vision, providing a cleaner, safer, and more efficient work environment.

The PowerJet Dust Fighter is a game-changer in dust control. Its adjustable spray nozzle arm precisely targets dust, ensuring that your team can breathe easily while working on the site. So say goodbye to the days of worrying about the long-term health effects of silica dust on your workers. Instead, watch morale and productivity flourish as they experience the difference a dust-free environment makes.

Transportation and adaptability are critical to PowerJet’s effectiveness. The built-in engine and wheels ensure seamless relocation, allowing you to tackle dust even in hard-to-reach areas. In addition, the system’s manual rotation and tilting features enable you to customise the spray to suit your site’s specific needs, offering optimal dust control and worker satisfaction.

As a construction site manager, you understand the value of efficiency and minimal downtime. The PowerJet Dust Fighter delivers just that, enabling your team to work seamlessly without dust-related interruptions. Experience the unparalleled benefits of a well-maintained, dust-free work site and witness the positive impact on your business.

Don’t let dust compromise the health and safety of your team any longer. Instead, choose the PowerJet Dust Fighter and experience the peace of mind that comes with providing your team with a cleaner, healthier work environment. It’s time to invest in a safer future – reach out to us today and make the change your workers deserve.

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