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dust suppression

dust suppression control

Dust Suppression DF Smart | Defend Your Workforce: Revolutionary Dust Suppression Solutions to Conquer the Silent Silica Menace!

About this product:

ENSURE WORKER SAFETY – Shield your team from the invisible danger of silica dust, preventing life-altering respiratory illnesses like lung cancer and silicosis, and preserving their well-being for a happier, more productive workforce.

COMPLIANCE WITH CONFIDENCE – Adopt top-notch dust suppression solutions that guarantee adherence to Work Health and Safety Regulations, avoiding legal troubles and costly penalties, so you can focus on what matters most: your business.

BOOST YOUR REPUTATION – Demonstrate your commitment to employee safety and environmental protection, earning respect from clients, partners, and the community, and setting your business apart from competitors in the industry.

INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY – Foster a healthy work environment, reducing sick days and employee turnover, and allowing your team to perform at their best, driving your business towards greater success.

TAKE ACTION NOW – Don’t wait for the silent killer to strike; invest in our revolutionary dust suppression solutions today, protecting your workforce and securing the future of your business. Make safety your top priority and call us today for a demonstration or a quote.


  • Electrical engine: Single phase 230 V 50 Hz – 2,2 kW
  • Electrical connection: 2 P+T socket – 16 A – IP 67
  • Water connection: Express type 1/2” quick connection
  • Fan: 9 nylon blades, aluminium hub
  • Air flow: 90 mc/min
  • Coverage (without wind): 13 mt
  • Nozzles holder: Stainless steel with 12 connection
  • Nominal pressure: 1 to 5 bar
  • Water filter: 300 microns
  • Tilting range: From 10° to 50°
  • Dimensions: 985 x 785 x 835 (L x W x H mm)
  • Weight: 79 Kg
  • Water consumption:
    • 1.0 bar – 5.4 L/min
    • 1.5 bar – 6.6 L/min
    • 2.0 bar – 7.5 L/min
    • 2.5 bar – 8.5 L/min

Empower Your Workforce with Advanced Dust Suppression Solutions

dust suppression

Product description

Are you tired of struggling with dust and odour control at your outdoor job sites? We understand your challenges and have crafted the perfect solution for you: the Dust Fighter DF Smart mist cannon. Imagine yourself on a construction or demolition site, surrounded by dust and debris, making breathing difficult and working efficiently. Unfortunately, your current dust control solutions are cumbersome and must provide the necessary coverage. Now picture the DF Smart by your side; its sleek design and portable size make it a breeze to transport and set up. With its impressive 13-metre coverage (without wind), you’ll soon see the dust and odour dissipate, creating a cleaner, healthier workspace.

No more will you waste time and effort wrestling with unwieldy equipment. The DF Smart’s wheels and handles allow you to manoeuvre it to the perfect position easily. At the same time, the tilting system ensures you can precisely target specific areas. In addition, the stainless steel crown with nozzles, water inlet filter, and emergency stop button all work together to provide efficient and safe operation.

Think of the relief you’ll feel knowing the DF Smart’s single-phase electrical engine and low water consumption make it an environmentally friendly and cost-effective choice—no more guilt over wasting precious resources or incurring high operational costs.

Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities. That’s why the DF Smart has been designed with various user-friendly features, including an express type 1/2″ quick water connection and a 300-micron water filter. As a result, you’ll be amazed at how effortlessly you can maintain a dust-free environment on your job sites.

Now is the time to act. Say goodbye to the frustration of inadequate dust control and embrace the efficiency, portability, and user-friendly nature of the Dust Fighter DF Smart mist cannon. Don’t let dust and odour hold you back any longer.

Contact us today to learn more about the DF Smart and take the first step towards transforming your outdoor workspace. Discover how our innovative dust control solution can revolutionise how you work and improve the health and safety of your team. The future of dust management is in your hands – seize it now!

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