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dust suppression

DF 7500 | Ultimate Dust-Free Haven for Small & Medium Workspaces, Effortless Mobility, Precision Control, Unparalleled 40m Coverage & Customisable Add-Ons!

About this product:

REDUCED HEALTH RISKS – Imagine the relief of alleviating health concerns related to airborne dust and particles in your workplace. The DF 7500 effectively suppresses dust, creating a safer environment for your employees and reducing the risk of respiratory issues and long-term health problems.

EFFORTLESS REGULATORY COMPLIANCE – Picture the peace of mind that comes with the DF 7500’s ability to keep your operations compliant with dust control regulations. Avoid the stress of potential fines and protect your business’s reputation by maintaining a clean and safe working environment.

MINIMISED ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT – Visualise the satisfaction of actively reducing your operation’s environmental footprint and minimising disruptions to neighbouring communities. By choosing the DF 7500, you demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and gain respect from clients and the community.

TAILOR-MADE DUST CONTROL – Envision the confidence of having a dust control system perfectly suited to your unique needs, thanks to the DF 7500’s range of optional features. Experience optimal performance and efficiency with a system designed specifically for your operations, addressing your challenges head-on.

STREAMLINED OPERATION – Picture the ease of using a dust control system that is not only efficient but also simple to operate and manoeuvre. The DF 7500’s user-friendly design, featuring an integrated control panel, tow bar, and forklift pockets, saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on your core business tasks. Call us today for a quote or a demonstration.



  • Electrical engine power (fan) 7,5 kW
  • Coverage (*without wind) 30 – 40 m*
  • Electrical connection Inlet Plug 3-phase – 32 A
  • Water connection UNI 45 / STORZ / CAMLOCK
  • Minimum inlet pressure 1,0 bar
  • Water consumption 52 l/min
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