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P3500i Inverter Generator | Compact Powerhouse Generator - Unleash Limitless Energy with Powerrush, Fuel Efficiency & USB Connectivity! (GST-Inclusive)

$890 inc GST

  • POWERFUL PROTECTOR – Ensure your home stays safe and powered during emergencies with the compact P3500I/O HAU – say goodbye to power outage worries!
  • DIY CHAMPION – Boost your creativity with stable power for sensitive electronics and tools, thanks to the P3500I/O HAU – conquer every project with ease!
  • OUTDOOR ENTHUSIAST – Amplify your camping, caravanning, and boating experiences with the portable, low-noise, and fuel-efficient P3500I/O HAU – embrace the great outdoors!
  • BUSINESS ACCELERATOR – Supercharge your food truck or market stall with the P3500I/O HAU’s consistent power for equipment and mobile electronics – watch your business flourish!
  • ULTIMATE POWER SOLUTION – Discover the versatile, feature-packed P3500I/O HAU generator with Powerrush technology, inverter system, and economy mode – Call us now and unlock limitless possibilities!
Pramac Inverter Generators provide clean and stable power for sensitive electronics. The P3500i is easy to carry, fuel efficient and has a low-noise level.   FEATURES
  • Inverter technology: stable power for safe operation of sensitive electronics.
  • OHV engine provides consistent power for multiple applications.
  • Low-oil level shutdown automatically safeguards engine from damage.
  • Economy mode automatically adjusts the engine speed to the optimum level to provide excellent fuel economy and noise reduction.
  •  USB ports charges your mobile electronics so you can stay connected.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  •  Easily transportable by handle.
  •  Ideal for applications requiring low noise
  • Connector for Parallel kit
  • Oil Bottle, Funnel and Plugs Included in the carton box

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